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Intelligent video conferencing platform

Revolutionize hiring with seamless guided interviews

Intelligent Interviewing revolutionizes the hiring journey by embedding structured interviews directly into your video conferencing.

Effortlessly streamline your recruitment process with guided interview questions, automated real-time scoring and transcriptions and comprehensive participant analytics. Enhance collaboration, make data-driven decisions, and build your best team faster than ever before.

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Interview Guides / Interview Questions

Unleash the power of efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making

Simplify hiring with ATS & interview guides. Empower your hiring team with our applicant tracking, centralized activity management, and precision-guided interviews designed to alleviate the pains of recruitment.

Whether using pre-populated questions or creating your own, empower your hiring team to bring the right talent into your organization.

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Kanban workflow & project management

Elevate Recruitment Efficiency with Visual Kanban Mastery

The Kanban & Project Management solution for recruitment offers a visual powerhouse, providing a clear map of candidate progression and project timelines to accelerate your recruitment cycles.

Gain real-time insights into candidate stages, enhance collaboration, and ensure timely position closures, empowering your team to navigate the hiring journey with precision and efficiency.

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Autonomous Interviews & Qualification Engine

Effortless Hiring with Qualification Engine: Elevate candidate interactions and selections

The Qualification Engine offers a revolutionary Vizard form effortlessly embedded on any site. Designed questions in interactive cards and empowered video answers enables candidates to answer first-round questions, introduce themselves, and submit applications with ease.

Eliminate friction in the hiring process, enhance candidate engagement, and discover your ideal hires by replacing your initial screening process as traditional interviews with interactive card-based questions and video answers.

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CRM, ATS & Job Boards

Seamless Recruitment Harmony: find, contact, and manage candidates for a unified, efficient, and branded recruitment process.

Masterful Recruitment Control with CRM & Job Boards: Experience a game-changing solution streamlining candidate discovery, branded outreach, interview scheduling, and centralized activity tracking.

Craft precise job descriptions, create branded Career Pages, and seamlessly integrate them onto your site with embeddable code snippets. Create aliases, campaigns, and personalized email sequences and transform your recruitment process into a cohesive and efficient journey.

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Moments & Collections

Simplify feedback with recording, sharing, and organizing impactful candidate moments.

Bid farewell to endless text-based feedback loops and scattered files. Create impeccable moments, tag highlight reels, compile vital data creating polished recaps for candidates or positions.

Organize impactful moments into meaningful collections to share them with decision-makers, transforming your feedback journey into a streamlined, visually rich experience.

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Reporting & Analytics Suite

Powerful Insights On Demand: Extract, customize, and present with ease.

Transform the way you harness insights with Exportable Slide Decks. Say goodbye to cumbersome reporting processes as you preview and customize slides in the report drawer, enabling a drag-and-drop approach to order and curate your most valuable analytics.

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in presenting data-driven narratives to stakeholders.

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LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Unlock LinkedIn's Potential: Transform candidates into rich, insightful profiles

Search and store candidates with their full range of rich data, including resumes and images. Move beyond traditional resumes and gain a holistic view of candidates, making informed recruitment decisions. Elevate your talent acquisition strategy with a powerful tool that turns LinkedIn profiles into comprehensive, actionable insights.

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Digital Branded Lobby

Elevate Meetings with Interactive Digital Lobby Experiences

Digital Lobby introduces a new era of pre-meeting engagement transforming the traditional waiting experience into an interactive journey. Effortlessly write, upload, and edit content directly in your company lobby to curate captivating content, enjoy employee videos, and tailor the ambiance before meetings commence.

Dive into the future of interview preparation with dedicated Interview Prep Lobby, offering a space for organizing thoughts, revisiting vital information, and delivering timely, relevant data for impactful candidate meetings.

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Top 3 & Fantasy Team Builder

Compare top prospects for informed hiring choices

Top 3 & Fantasy Team Builder streamlines candidate selection. With a single click, compare top prospects based on rankings and ratings from the scorecard. Make data-driven decisions with side-by-side experience and education insights.

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Offers Product Suite

Seal Deals Instantly: Effortless offer creation and real-time candidate signings

Experience the game-changing feature of offer management with Job.com. With customizable templates, empowers companies to create and save templates effortlessly, while candidates embrace the simplicity of signing in real-time, eliminating paperwork delays and ensuring a smooth transition from candidate selection to onboarding.

Transform the final stages of hiring into a frictionless, digital process, marking a new era in streamlined and efficient talent acquisition.

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10x better then the legacy systems at 10% of the cost

True end-to-end system
Intelligent Interviewing
Interview Guides / Interview Questions
Kanban & Project Management
Qualification Engine
CRM, ATS & Job Boards
Moments & Collections
Reporting & Analytics Suite
Automated Customizable Reporting Decks
Linkedin Chrome Extension
AI Company Onboarding
Digital Branded Lobby
Top 3 & Fantasy Team Builder
Offers Product Suite
AI Talent Matching
Insightful AI Interview Report

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A Data Driven Approach to Diversity & Inclusion gets the right people on your team.

Intelligent Analytics that live, learn and grow with each application, interview & decision.

Objective quantifiable data is the only way to end bias and discrimination in the workplace.

See what’s really going on in the rooms where decisions are made. A clear analysis of the amount of time spent on different topics, creates a strong repository for both your team and our system to learn from. Take a data driven approach to each candidate on one page with interview analytics.

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