Harrisonburg Rescue Squad Membership (Volunteer)

Harrisonburg Rescue Squad

Job Description

Thank you for your interest in the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad, Incorporated ("HRS"). HRS is an all-volunteer emergency medical services agency of over 200 active members that serves the City of Harrisonburg and parts of Rockingham County. We provide emergency care to all medical emergencies within our immediate response area and sometimes to neighboring cities and counties. We also work jointly with the city and county fire departments on fire and hazardous material incidents, providing medical assistance if needed.

To answer the more than 9,000 911 calls we respond to per year, we rely on dedicated, capable, and responsible volunteers willing to devote many hours each month to HRS. To that end, we offer four basic types of membership: patient care (senior/associate), driving, special operations, and administrative. These basic membership types are described fully on page 2. HRS offers several self- scheduling shift options for members who answer 911 calls. Administrative members set their own volunteer schedules with no minimum time commitments.

Volunteering to answer 911 calls with HRS is very different from volunteering in other venues. Emergency Medical Services is intellectually, physically, and emotionally demanding. You will be expected to independently demonstrate knowledge, skill, and performance competencies to HRS standards within a matter of months. HRS and its current members will invest significant time and funds to train you; therefore, we seek only applicants who are willing to work diligently to meet all membership requirements in a timely manner. Each new member (other than administrative and driving members) must enroll in an Emergency Medical Technician class. Each new member (other than administrative) must complete an Emergency Vehicles Operations Course within the first four months of membership.

Behind the scenes are individuals who provide administrative support in the areas of accounting, inventory, fleet maintenance, correspondence, fundraising, information technology, and any other conceivable administrative task. These individuals are highly valued members of HRS. HRS seeks dependable members who offer either a specialized skill, or simply time to support our complex administrative needs.

HRS appreciates your interest in membership, and we encourage you to learn more about HRS at www.harrisonburgrescue.org. As a member of the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad, you would make a tremendous and positive impact on the community.

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