Senior Application/Enterprise Security Engineer


Job Description
Strong technical knowledge of Azure PaaS, IaaS, and integrations with Azure AD and B2C Extensive knowledge of Application SAST (Static Analysis Security Testing) tools like Fortify, SonarCube, Checkmarx, Veracode, Web Application Scanning (WAS) Experience in authentication and authorization: SAML, OAuth, LDAP, AD, OID, Azure B2C, Oracle Access Manager. Have a piece of extensive working knowledge of common vulnerability types, including SQL/Command injection, XSS, CSRF, SSRF, CORS, CLRF, etc.. Knowledge of Cypher Transformation, API Throttling, CVE vulnerabilities, and Exposures like Log4j Knowledge of Credential Management, Insecure direct object references Understanding of RFI and RCE Vulnerabilities Good understanding of Data Encryption Programming skills using Java,.net, python, or Go Regards, Lokesh Kumar Resource Development Manager Direct: 469-533-7235 Cell: 517-252-2538