Assistant Principal

The School District of Philadelphia

Job Description
*** Only individuals who are current District Assistant Principals or are eligible in the Assistant Principal Talent Pool will be considered for this position***The School District of Philadelphia is the cornerstone provider of public education in Philadelphia. For forward-thinking administrators and educators, opportunities abound. The 130,000 students entrusted to the District arrive at school every day with an extraordinary range of needs and aspirations. We are committed to delivering on their right to an excellent public school education, and we are particularly focused on ensuring every student has access to exceptional educational opportunities. Equity is our mandate. Will you join us?Job SummaryAssists the school principal in the provision of direction, leadership, and day-to-day management of educational activities within an assigned school. Plays an integral role in the establishment and maintenance of a school climate that is conducive to learning, including overseeing the enforcement of school rules and regulations, and the implementation of disciplinary measures when deemed necessary. Oversees the student admission, dismissal, referral and retention processes, monitoring student and staff attendance, and supervising curriculum development activities. Supervises professional and paraprofessional personnel and provides administrative level liaison with internal and external components, constituents and programs. Serves as a member of the School Governance Council coordinating and manages school organizations and participates in the planning, implementation and administration of site-based management and decentralization plans.Essential Functions Serves as part of the assigned school's administrative team; oversees the administration of school programs and the implementation of policies; assists in planning, organizing and evaluating services for professional and non-professional personnel such as staff development activities, resource management, and instructional program development. Interacts with teachers and other staff, and at the secondary school level with department heads and chairpersons, in the development of materials and methodologies for the delivery of personalized instructional programs; oversees staff providing instruction in alternative educational programs including Special Education, ESOL and Title I. May serve as a member of the School Council; participates in the development of a comprehensive educational plan designed to meet Outcome-Based Education guidelines, including curriculum integration and interdisciplinary approaches to learning; assists in the transition from traditional to Outcome-Based Education dimension; develops and oversees the implementation of revised assessment, evaluation and reporting methods. Tours the school building and its external perimeters to monitor safety and security; directs and coordinates staff supervision of areas such as hallways and cafeterias; ensures that schools rules and negotiations are enforced by security personnel on the premises, handles student disciplinary measures. Coordinates the provision of student support services; directs the support programs designed for targeted "at-risk" students. Oversees the student admission and dismissal processes with feeder schools, including liaison activities at the elementary and secondary levels, and recruitment activities at the secondary school level; utilizes a computer-based record management system to access current student information. Conducts classroom observations on instructional staff; provides input to the school principal during the teacher evaluation process. Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with community based groups, parents, students and District administrators; works collaboratively with Home and School Associations and student organizations; develops resources within the community. Coordinates extra-curricular and athletic activities; may engage in before-school, after-school and evening activities as required. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Thorough knowledge of: the principles, methods and practices of elementary and/ or secondary education. the theories and principles of child growth and development. Considerable knowledge of: the principles of elementary and/ or secondary level educational administration. current major educational issues. Knowledge of: curriculum theory and development. alternative educational programs. the theory and principles pertaining to the decentralization of decision making authority and accountability for the educational process and outcomes to the individual school. Ability to: utilize computer-based communications and record-keeping systems. organize and coordinate the work of professional and paraprofessional personnel. communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Minimum Requirements Applicant must be in the assistant principal talent pool. Bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university. Five years of full-time paid, professional educational experience, three of which have been at the elementary, secondary or approved middle school level providing leadership or participating in decision making processes, school policy development or the establishment and implementation of educational goals and objectives.Certificates/Licenses Elementary School - Possession of a valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Administrative Certificate for Elementary School Principal. Middle School - Possession of a valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Administrative Certificate for Elementary or Secondary Principal. Senior High School - Possession of a valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Administrative Certificate for Secondary School Principal.