Finance Manager

Parker and Lynch

Job Description


Provide high-quality financial accounting, strategic management accounting and

procurement advice to major services within the council, including the relevant Lead

Members, Strategic & Operational Directors, senior managers, and others, on behalf of the

councils finance function.

Advise on all elements of strategic finance and planning on behalf of the department for the

councils business planning process.

Strategically manage the relationship between the department and other bodies and other

local authorities with regard to meeting the councils financial remit and financial priorities.

Advise on all major contracts letting teams. Advising Council Members and Officers at all

levels on an extensive range of financial issues covering procurement and contract letting.


Work collaboratively with colleagues on the Senior Management Team, and make a

proactive contribution delivering departmental and corporate objectives.

Lead and manage a portfolio of services in alignment with both corporate and

departmental aims and priorities.

Provide leadership and management to achieve high performance and effective

operational delivery; which will include managing the effective use of resources and


Work closely with relevant Executive Directors and Directors to support effective

working relationships with relevant portfolio holders.