Security Officer-Full Time -Night

Hackensack Meridian Health

Job Description

Protects life and property of all persons on Medical Center premises and patrols hospital buildings and grounds to prevent fire, theft, and vandalism. Serves as liaison with patients, visitors and community. Secures, unlocks, and protects Medical Center buildings. Responds to security needs of Medical Center personnel.

  • Oversees of all Medical Center property both on foot and by vehicle searching for any situation or condition hazardous to the property or safety of patients, guests and/or staff. Patrols all Medical Center parking lots to insure vehicle safety and to detect unauthorized persons.
  • Patrols building and grounds; inspects doors, windows, and locks to determine level of security.
  • Performs those functions to insure the protection of life and property.
  • Writes appropriate reports that are legible and understandable. Prepares accurate, clear, and legible reports and documents investigator steps and results.
  • Possesses an out-going personality and communications skills necessary to perform an active public relations role.
  • Assists in crowd control as required.
  • Provides information and direction to patients, guests and staff as requested.
  • Enforces all Medical Center policies and procedures as well as municipal, state and federal statutes and laws as outlined by security policy.
  • Provides assistance to any police officer who is performing any lawful duty on Medical Center property.
  • Effects suspect apprehension and theft investigation as directed by Supervisor or Director.
  • Appears in court as a witness in those cases brought to trial.
  • Assists where requested by any Medical Center management personnel.
  • Responds quickly and effectively to emergent and non-emergent situations.
  • Ensures only authorized personnel are admitted onto Medical Center premises. Issues the appropriate pass to individuals who are not members of the Medical Center staff.
  • Maintains current information in lost and found logs. Notifies individuals when items reported missing are located.
  •  Investigates incidents of unusual circumstances reported by Medical Center personnel, visitors, physicians or patients, and reports all incidents, verbally or through general incident report form by the end of each shift.
  • Responds to emergency calls for assistance to control disorderly conduct or combative patients.
  • Monitors the Medical Center using electronic security equipment (closed circuit television, alarms, etc.).
  • Ensures delivery of excellent customer service resulting in positive and improving patient satisfaction scores for department and Medical Center.
  • Escorts visitors, patients, and personnel to and from parking areas on request.
  • Assists motorists who become stranded on Medical Center property.
  • Inspects outgoing parcels as necessary to prevent theft of Medical Center property.
  • Reports all safety and fire hazards observed on routine patrols and inspections.
  • Assists and gives courteous responses to any inquiries made by patients, visitors, or personnel.
  • Enforces all Medical Center policies and procedures as assigned by Administration and the Security Director.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth over the life span.
  • Other duties and/or projects as assigned.
  • Adheres to HMH Organizational competencies and standards of behavior.

  •  High School diploma or equivalent.
  •  Hospitality security experience.
  •  Valid driver's license.