Reserve Lott Attendant

Travel Centers of America

Job Description
Purpose: Assists Professional Drivers who utilize our Reserve-it parking program with arrival, parking and general information all while displaying the Daymaker culture. Uniform & Appearance: Customer Service Attendant - Reserved Parking should adhere to the following personal appearance and uniform standards: Company Brand Neon Yellow Reserved Parking shirt, vest, or jacketTennis shoes, work shoes, or work boots. All footwear must be clean and in good condition (No holes, rips, or tape) and must be closed toe, There should not be any hard sole shoes like dress shoes or cowboy boots.Pants - Jeans or Docker style pants. Must be one solid color. Pants must not be faded, torn, tattered, contain writing, or excessively worn.Company Brand Name Tag.The Employee Appearance and Uniform Guidelines policy provides more detailed guidelines that must be adhered to. Primary Duties: Knows and follows safety guidelines and is alert to and reports potentially unsafe situations caused by employees and customers.Wears and uses protective equipment properly.Continually monitors personal and other employees' behavior for unsafe practices and takes corrective action when necessary.Displays a high degree of enthusiasm for TA, Petro and our customers.Trains in own position. Cross trains in other positions.Assists managers in training other employees.Willingly helps other employees when needed.Upholds company standards.Notifies manager of positive and negative feedback from customers.Suggests and supports innovative ideas.Maintains TA's "Strikingly Clean" image.Maintains Parking Lot cleanliness, and Fuel Island cleanliness when not assisting with Reserve-it functions. Follows the proper customer service sequence as outlined in the Operation Manuals.Assist in Parking lot and Fuel Island trash and litter control. Personal Development Works in conjunction with General/Assistant Manager to identify personal development targets. Takes steps to achieve personal development targets. Performance Measurement: Progress will be measured through regular performance appraisals. The appraisal process includes being evaluated against TA shared objectives and other objectives agreed upon with your supervisor. Following is an overview of the TA shared objectives. The objectives are defined more fully in the Customer Service Attendant - Regular Key Performance Standards. Achieving success in each of the areas requires not only reaching the target, but effectively balancing all the requirements detailed in the Operation Manuals. Employee Safety: Measures the employee's adherence to safety regulations as well as his/her conscientiousness at identifying safety concerns and taking corrective action. Target:Safety targets established by HO -Measurement Source: Safety incidents involving employees Quality of Individual: Measures how successfully the employee completes training and applies training on the job, as well as how well they communicate with customers and their manager Target: Network targets Measurement Source: Training record; inspections Administration: Measures how well the manager maintains proper documentation. Target: 100% compliance Measurement Source: Location/HO standards Customer Safety: Measures the emphasis on customer safety and the customer safety record. Target: Safety targets established by HO Measurement Source: Safety incidents involving customers Service/Quality: Measures how fast, friendly, and accurately service is provided to each customer. Target: Targets developed by location management plan Measurement Source: Customer feedback; performance reviews Customer Care (Atmosphere): Measures the quality of the customer's surroundings, as well as the employee's own dress and personal hygiene. Target: QSC; dress standards Measurement Source: Inspections; customer feedback; performance reviews; comment cards Education and Experience Requirements: Meets minimum state age requirements and labor regulations. Able to learn light maintenance work. Satisfactory work record. Able to work unsupervised. Must Consent and pass MVR check Physical Requirements: Must be able to:Lift and carry cases of merchandise such as motor oil, soft drinks, ice bags, groceries, etc. (up to an approximate weight of 50 pounds with or without an accommodation).Frequently bend, stoop and reach. Must be able to use arms above head/shoulder level.Climb a ladder or "step-up" to reach supplies stored in overhead areas.Stand/walk for shifts up to eight hours (short breaks are provided throughout the shift).Requires good vision, hand coordination, fine motor skills and manual dexterity.Perform maintenance duties; cleaning windows, mopping floors, painting, cleaning restroom facilities, etc. Requires strength in upper extremities and torso to perform these physical tasks.Aid and assist customers at finding and reaching desired products, when necessary-including providing special assistance to handicapped customers.Reach out and bend to operate all safety equipment, i.e., emergency cut-off switch, fire extinguisher, etc.Operate TA owned motor vehicle as a Lot Truck, Golf Cart or ATV Read and write. Communicate effectively with customers and employees.Work alone and physically capable of summoning personal assistance during all medical emergencies.