CFO Consulting Projects - Remote


Job Description
Paro Overview Paro provides freelancers access to clients on a 1099 basis for opportunities in the finance/accounting space. We are an expert network of the top 2% of financial talent, including: CFOs, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Bookkeepers, and Tax Specialists who are highly vetted and have a proven background to handle a variety of clients. You can apply through this link! Position Overview You would be working as a remote Freelancer (1099 contractor) in a managed marketplace that is accelerating the mass migration to the gig / freelance economy by satisfying freelancers' need of a predictable and reliable income while still harnessing the benefits of the gig economy. Our goal is to empower you to do what you love by providing you with a line-of-sight into what your future earnings look like by building your own book of business on our platform. Paro's matchmaking algorithms make game-changing efficient matches, eliminating the time you have to spend on sales and business development. We ensure that the expectations and budgets on all of the projects are clearly defined before they get to you. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Example CFO Duties: * Support company vision and plans for growth (strategic plan) * Development of financial forecast model * Financial forecast building and ongoing management/adjustment as new scenarios need to be understood and modeled * On-going recommendations around continuous improvement and cost savings strategies * Quarterly business reviews, including balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows * Review ERP system set ups and defaults for integration of transactions into the financial system. * Creation of assumption based, custom built pro forma cap table/ cash flow analysis. * Build out Accounting and Finance Functions. * Provide monthly oversight of financials, cash flow, budget variances, etc. * Ongoing capital raising support * Develop benchmarks and KPIs. Register today!