Mental Health Professional, Supports Coordination/Supports Broker Mentor

Community Living Services-Oakland County Division

Job Description
Position Location:              Community Living Services, Inc. – Macomb County Division (CLS/MC)                                             Level 16 Exempt Job Title:            Mental Health Professional, Supports Coordination/Supports Broker Mentor Job Summary: The role of the CLS/MC Mental Health Professional, Supports Coordinator/Supports Broker Mentor (MHP/SCM) is to facilitate and complete the Initial Intake once it has been determined by Macomb County Community Mental Health (MCCMH) that an individual is eligible for services as a person with an intellectual/developmental disability. The MHP/SCM will also link persons served with Supports Coordinators or Supports Brokers and will provide oversight and mentoring support to the Supports Coordinators and Supports Brokers. The MHP/SCM will oversee the Support Coordinators work product to assure CLS/MC and MCCMH expectations are met. The MHP/SCM will provide services in a manner that promotes Person-Centered Planning and the principles of Self Determination in the lives of people supported by Community Living Services of Macomb County. The MHP/SCM will work closely with the Support Coordinators, Support Brokers, MCCMH, the provider network, and other external stakeholders as deemed necessary to appropriately oversee supports for all individuals served by CLS/MC. Reporting Relationship: Reports to the Director of Community Supports Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Mental Health Professional            Reviews the MCCMH ACCESS Screening and completes a thorough assessment of the individual’s preferences and needs. Ensures the coordination and provision of Intake functions, initial assessments, provision of emergency needs, required authorizations and releases, ORR, Grievance and Appeal and HIPAA notifications. Meets with the individual, parents/guardians/families so as to facilitate and complete the Initial Assessment while providing information and service options in a warm, welcoming, and helpful manner. Provides all enrollees with quality customer services and culturally respectful supports. Addresses any needs for interpreter/translation services or accommodations needed prior to meeting with the individual. Ensures facilitation for the initial IPOS is completed to authorize initial services per the Person-Centered Planning Policy. Links and coordinates all transition processes including agreements, referrals, and interviews for new people until they have hired a Support Coordinator or Supports Broker. Participates in the coordination of psychiatric services, coordination of hospital admissions and discharges, and compliance with oversight and implementation of MCCMH Protocols. Acts as a liaison between CLS/MC internal staff, external network providers, and Psychiatric Providers including screening centers and hospitals. Assures coordination of care is facilitated for persons supported until a Supports Coordinator or Supports Broker is hired. Reports individual and agency successes, outcomes, and needs to funding sources and internal/external customers and stakeholders. Conducts training sessions and community outreach and education at the local and statewide level reinforcing organizational principles and the expectation of quality service delivery. Develops and monitors systems to assure delivery of quality services. Prepares corrective action plans to address any patterns/trends that reveal need for improvement or areas of deficiency. Maintains confidentiality of information regarding persons served and agency information. Performs special projects and other duties as assigned. Attends and participates on committees as assigned. Completes a minimum of 24 hours of professional skill development activity each fiscal year. If designated to work with children, completes 24 hours of child-specific training each fiscal year. Works adjusted hours as needed. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Supports Coordination/Supports Broker Mentor Coordinates the planning process and facilitates authorization requests, budget development and management, and liaison and advocacy activities to pursue identified resources, entitlements, financial liability determinations and supports. Reviews Person Centered Plans authored by Supports Coordinators to assure that the MCCMH expectations and standards are met. Completes Person Centered Plans (IPOS) and annual Biopsychosocial assessments for person’s served with a Supports Broker. In collaboration with the Support Coordinator/Broker, the person, and their circle, develops an individual budget for each person supported, reflecting the services authorized in their Person-Centered Plan. Monitors individual and aggregate budgets via Revenue and Expense reports and finance tracking tools. Assures continuity of support to persons with developmental disabilities by reviewing required reports and summaries of service for funding sources. Reports individual and agency successes, outcomes and needs to funding sources and internal/external customers and stakeholders. Provides ongoing education, training, and oversight to Supports Coordinators/Brokers on service provision, Person Centered Planning, Self Determination including areas of individual budgeting, fiscal responsibility, money management, and budget authority. Conducts routine training sessions. Provides leadership and direction to Supports Coordinators/Broker and Network Providers, reinforcing organizational principles and setting the tone for quality service delivery. Utilizes databases, reports and tracking systems to monitor ongoing performance of Support Coordinators/Brokers to assure that MCCMH’s expectations and standards are met. Educates and empowers persons served and families. Provides resources related to provider interviews and selection. Identifies gaps in service delivery/resources, and proactively acts to meet identified needs. Reviews and develops systems that assure adequate delivery of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Meets with Network Providers, Community Mental Health Administrators, and various others as needed to ensure effective means of continuing quality services. Performs Quality Management functions. Develops and monitors systems to assure delivery of quality services. Prepares corrective action plans to address any patterns/trends that reveal need for improvement or areas of deficiency cited following internal or external review. Assists with the development, coordination, and monitoring of the CLS Compliance Plan. Responsible for Community Outreach activities including presentations to groups and individuals regarding Community Living Services and Self-Determination principles and practice. Assists Director with development and maintenance of the Handbook of Services. Participates in recruitment, development, and maintenance of a strong provider network. Participates Position Description         Page 2 in the development and implementation of policies and procedures. Assures all records for Macomb Division are audit ready at all times. Assists with all audit activities. Leads Office of Recipient Rights corrective actions and responses. Maintains confidentiality of personal and agency information. Performs special projects and other duties as assigned by supervisor. Chairs committee activity as appropriate. Attends and participates on committees as assigned. Accepts on-call responsibility. Works adjusted hours as needed. Qualifications: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required: A Mental Health Professional/Supports Coordination.Broker Mentor is defined as a physician, psychologist, licensed master’s social worker, licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist or registered professional nurse. Two or more years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness is preferred. Computer skills are required, including use of all Microsoft systems. Knowledge of the principles of Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination preferred. Ability to communicate effectively and establish and maintain positive professional relationships. Ability to use initiative, plan, organize, maintain office systems, work under pressure, and meet deadlines. Ability to work well within a team atmosphere and maintain a positive attitude, willingness to learn and share information, and flexibility. Travel: This job is a combination of an office position with field work. Extensive scheduled and non-scheduled travel is required in executing essential duties and responsibilities of this position. Employees must provide their own transportation. Maintenance of a valid driver’s license, an acceptable driving record, and vehicle registration and insurance in compliance with State of Michigan requirements are all continuing conditions of employment. If driving a vehicle other than the one listed on file with the Human Resources Department, employee is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is registered, insured, and meets all other State of Michigan motor vehicle requirements and providing documentation as requested. CLS policy restricts the use of an alternate driver without the express, prior written authorization of the Human Resources Director. A review of such request will be based on evaluation of HIPAA compliance issues, work restrictions, other relevant factors and whether or not the request will present an undue hardship to the organization. Training: On the Job training will be provided. CLS, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All administrative, management and supervisory personnel are directed to support and cooperate with the EEO program and other equal employment opportunity efforts. Performance will be evaluated in this regard. Submit Resumes:                          Community Living Services, Inc. Macomb County Division 24200 Woodward Ave. Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069 Fax: (248) 547-3052 Attention: Diana Kaszyca