Barista Miller's Coffeehouse

Wild River Brewing & Pizza Company

Job Description
Miller's Coffeehouse is a subsidiary of Wild River and is located within the Wild River Pub on F St. in Grants Pass. The coffeehouse is focused on creating high quality coffee and a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Our coffeehouse offers a large variety of drinks and house made baked goods. RESPONSIBILITIES: First and foremost we put customer service first. Our main focus is to create an environment where people are greeted with warm smiles and great attitudes. In addition, candidates would be expected to know or learn how to make all drinks on our menus, do prep for certain drinks, clean, and be capable of following a recipe/be comfortable with light baking. If qualified, management of the coffee shop could be an added responsibility. Management responsibilities would include, but not limited to: ordering, hiring, training, and going to future off site events. QUALIFICATIONS: Barista and latte art experience highly preferred. Prior customer service experience preferred. Miller's Coffeehouse is a drug free environment.