Nutrition Assistant

Reid Health

Job Description

Unit based employee who has the responsibility of coordinating all aspects of meal services to the patients on their assigned floor(s). Responsibilities include orienting patients and visitors to the room service program, explaining how to use the telephone and hi-med system, providing an overview of any diet restrictions and entering meal orders for patients who are unable to order their food by telephone. They will also be determining if the patient needs further diet education from a registered dietitian. In addition, this position will be responsible for doing glucometer checks that have been ordered to occur with meal service. They will also be responsible for stocking nourishment areas on their assigned floor(s).

  • Works cohesively with all members of the care-giving team on assigned unit. This includes but is not limited to the nursing staff, registered dietitians, therapists, and environmental service employees.
  • Creates a service culture, assumes the role of a patient advocate.
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently within the scope of their assigned responsibilities.
  • Serves meals to patients in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.
  • Takes ownership of food quality and food temperatures and works with the lower level kitchen to resolve identified problems.
  • Strict adherence to Infection Control policies with specific emphasis on hand hygiene.
  • Responsible for keeping track of new admits on their assigned floor and making a timely initial visit to each patient.
  • Responsible for providing new menus to patients if their diet order changes during the course of their admission.
  • Instructs patients and their guests on the meal ordering system following establish script.
  • Assesses patient’s ability to utilize the meal order system.
  • Instructs patient on how to use the High-Med system, including how to place orders for food.
  • Assists patients and/or family members in placing orders for each meal if not using the telephone method.
  • Puts in meals for any patient that is deemed not appropriate for room service true non-selects).
  • Is responsible for working with patient to change any meal selections if the patient’s diet order changes after the initial choices were made.
  • Handles payment for guest trays and employee meals in an appropriate manner. Keeps all credit card transactions secure.
  • Consults with the registered dietitian assigned to the floors on any request of food items not allowed on a patient’s restrictive diet.
  • Delivers between meal nourishments directly to patients.
  • Keeps the registered dietitian assigned to their floor on any needs for changes in supplements based on patient’s preferences or refusal.
  • Is responsible for performing meal timed glucometer checks following techniques covered in the required training program from the Innovation Center.
  • Uses universal precautions while performing glucometer checks including the safe disposable on all lancet devices.
  • Notifies the patient nurse of any glucometer reading outside normal parameters following established protocols.
  • Records all glucometer readings following established protocols.
  • Mediates patient concerns regarding meal service including following up in the lower level for any patient food complaints.
  • Inventories the nourishment areas on their assigned floor, responsible for stocking these areas up to par levels, checking dates and rotating stock on all items and enters information into billing system.
  • Keeps floors stocked with appropriate level of patient printed menus.
  • Acts as a liaison between Food & Nutrition, the patient and the nursing staff.
  • Records food and beverage consumption of patients on calorie counts and makes it available to the appropriate registered dietitian.
  • Capable of reviewing the computer diet related information. Has a working knowledge of CBORD including the Room Service Choice module and the Tray Monitor program.
  • Is cross trained on the Patient Nutrition Assistant – Diet Office position? (see job description for that position.
  • Has a working knowledge of basic restrictive diets and is able to explain them at a level that patients will understand. Refers to the registered dietitian if a full diet instruction is requested or seems appropriate.
  • Uses common sense to care for the sick, physically or mentally challenged with regards to patient’s age and diagnosis.
  • Has excellent patient/customer service skills
  • Takes ownership of problems and ensures a positive outcome.
  • Is willing to help co-workers on other floors.

Day Shift/Evening Shift. 32 hours weekly. Relief (start as early as 6am or as late as 11am). Every other weekend