Specimen Processing Manager

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Job Description
Oversee two or more functions in Specimen Processing, which may include some or all of the following: Specimen Processing, Referral Testing, Imaging/Microfilming and Logistics. Responsible for the overseeing following activities: training of all personnel, all daily operations of Specimen Processing, Ensure all Compliance Policies are followed, low error rate, and productivity within company standards. Ensure maintenance of a safe, ergonomically sound, professional environment.
  • Responsible for managing daily operations of departments
  • Oversee safety, ergonomics, maintenance, and cleanliness of department (including upgrades, repairs, etc.)
  • Oversee implementation of SOPs for Specimen Processing in accordance with guidelines.
  • Where applicable, ensures all Federal, State & local licensure requirements are met, working with the QA and Medical Director's offices.
  • Oversee/Ensure all Laboratory QA/QC documentation is complete and reviewed as required.
  • Ensure workflow from logistics meets the needs of the department; work with Logistics Manager to make changes to provide adequate supply of work to technical departments.
  • Monitor Special Handling of Jeopardized Clients, Hospital Clients and Vital Specimens to ensure there are no mishandled specimens/orders.
  • Must be able to establish and motivate a participative work environment that actively encourages and supports employee involvement.
  • Hold regularly scheduled meetings for dissemination of information to staff.
  • Track/enter time/attendance of supervisory employees.
  • Prepare month-end reports.
  • Investigates/resolves and responds to customer complaints appropriately and effectively.
  • Monitor schedules to ensure minimal overtime for employees.
  • Oversee staffing levels in the department ensure adequate process for interviewing, selection and hiring of new employees.
  • Responsible for training, coaching, supervision and development of supervisory staff.
  • Monitor on-going performance of supervisory employees; provide corrective action and counseling as required. Perform mid-year and annual performance appraisals.
  • Assist in preparation of annual budget for areas of responsibility. Maintain budget control throughout the year in areas of responsibility.
  • Manager participates to assure fiscal responsibilities of the department are met. This includes implementation of cost containment programs, management of overtime, and participation in standardization initiatives and needs assessment for capital expenditures.
  • Effectively work with other departments to resolve problems. Must have interpersonal skills to gain cooperation with other departments, and foster continuous improvements.
  • Lead process improvement teams, or other initiatives to meet management objectives.
  • All other duties as assigned.
  • Must have the mental alertness and high energy required to appropriately performing the job.
  • The ability to effectively work with other departments to resolve problems. Must have interpersonal skills to gain cooperation with other departments, and foster continuous improvements.
  • Must be flexible and available based on staffing requirements, weekends, and holidays, on call and long hours.
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills, and is able to manage client concerns, technical department and employees in a professional manner.
  • Make independent decisions and exercise consistent sound judgment.
  • Capable of handling multiple priorities in a high volume setting.
  • Able to organize and lead projects within the work group and with cross functional groups.
Required to give presentations and speak in front of groups. Incumbent should possess the knowledge, skills and experience usually obtained by:
  • BS/BS or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • At least two years supervisory experience
  • PC skills, MS Office applications
  • Medical or production background preferred.