Floral Manager


Job Description
Position Purpose: As a primary contact for customers, the Floral Manager providesfriendly, courteous, and helpful service. The Floral Manager is held accountable for thedepartment's results in providing customer service, increasing sales, improving profits, andcontaining cost.Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:1. Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of theposition and within company policy.2. Train, schedule, and supervise floral clerks to ensure optimum staffing patterns for the floralarea.3. Writes schedule for Floral Department with Store Director approval.4. Follows Division guidelines for the implementation of the merchandising plan.5. Speak with customers to resolve problems with sales, dissatisfaction with service, or otherproblems that are related to the operation of the floral area.6. Design esthetically pleasing floral arrangements for display or to meet the needs of aparticular customer.7. Manages inventory per company policies and practices to drive sales and profits.8. Perform daily inventory. Order necessary supplies to maintain adequate inventory.9. Prepare and input floral department orders into computer.10. Stocks and maintains displays in the floral department. Make sure that all expired items aremoved from the shelves daily.11. Operate helium tank to inflate balloons.12. Use sprayers and containers to water all plants.13. Maintain cleanliness of floral area14. Operate cash register.15. Monitor inter-office mail and company web page daily for updated information.16. Other duties as assigned.Skills and Requirements:1. Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customerservice skills or related experience.2. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers.3. Ability to understand and follow instructions.4. Previous experience or training as a floral clerk or designer.5. Desired: Prior management experience.Page 2 of 2Job DescriptionFloral ManagerWork Environment:% Inside: 90% Outside: 10%Temperature Extremes: Varies depending on store location.Chemicals: Seldom (mild detergents or glass cleaner).Uses equipment such as hand truck, six-wheeled cart, grocery cart, box cutter, pens andpencils, spray bottle, rags, mops, broom, telephone/intercom, knives, calculator, flower cutter,balloon machine, computer, floral decorating supplies, cash register to perform tasks throughoutworkday.SafetySensitive Position:Job responsibilities include tasks or duties that could affect the safety or health of theemployee performing the task or others.DISCLAIMER:The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work performed byemployees assigned to this job. If you have questions or you wish to request anaccommodation to perform the essential functions of this job, please contact your StoreDirector. All team members must comply with Company, Division, and Store policiesand applicable laws. The responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel soclassified may vary within each store and from store to store.