Dietary Aide Split Shift

Skyline Nursing Center

Job Description
Skyline Nursing Center -

Job Type: Full-time

Schedule: Split Shift 2 days morning and 2 days evening)

*Benefits Available for Full-Time employees*


  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance

Your Job:

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Position Description

Responsible for performing a variety of tasks in the preparation, service, and clean up for meals served to residents in the nursing center. Maintains an attractive and sanitary dining room, meal service and delivery.

Principal Responsibilities

Assists with food ordering, storage and preparation as designated by the supervisor.

Assists cooks as directed by the supervisor.

Prepares and labels nourishments according to center procedures.

Prepares and portions desserts, salads and other non-entre foods into dishes; pours beverages.

Follows production sheets and pre-preparation sheets or guidelines when appropriate.

Completes pre-preparation as needed or assigned including washing, peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits to prepare for use; Slices meat and measures or weighs for menu compliance and nutrition accuracy.

Follows the cleaning schedule; Cleans the equipment and work area after each use; Sweeps and mops kitchen floors as assigned; Takes trash to dumpster as assigned; Washes pots and pans as assigned.

Assumes responsibility for meeting meal schedules.

Washes dishes and silverware according to dishwashing procedure; Puts clean dishes and silverware away; Assists with cleaning of equipment, dishes, silverware and kitchen as assigned.

Assists in preparation of food items and tray lines; Works on meal tray serving line. Sets-up before start of meal service. Breaks down area and cleans-up at end of serving line.

Sets dining room tables for meals when assigned.

Reads and follows tray tickets when serving meals; Serves meal trays to resident and pours beverages for residents when assigned to dining room.

Pushes food carts to appropriate resident care areas; Sets up nourishment carts and delivers to the unit.

Clears tables of dishes and trash.

Use safe food handling techniques per company policy and procedure and state and federal codes and regulations.

Uses proper hand washing techniques; Uses gloves appropriately and changes when required.

Stores food using correct packaging and labeling.

Responsible for care of food service equipment.

Handle and prepare food in a sanitary manner.

Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or assigned at any time with or without notice.


Highschool diploma or equivalent.

One years work in a large-scale cooking operation, preferred.