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Job Description
Description We're building our brand and are looking for employees to join the Bertucci's family! There's a fire inside of every Bertucci's. One of the things that make our company so distinctive is the brick oven at the center of each restaurant. Bricks have long been regarded as one of the strongest and most stable building materials throughout history. The 936 bricks that make up each one of our brick ovens are the cornerstone of our kitchen and the foundation of our authentic flavor. Individually, each of these bricks is strong and unique. Together, they insulate the environment that serves as both the backbone of our culture as an organization and the authenticity of our promise to our guests. That's why we need you. We're building our brand and are looking for employees to join the Bertucci's family and help us grow - brick by brick through innovation and excellence. We want to know what inspires the fire inside of you. Thank you again for your interest in Bertucci's! Requirements Primary responsibilities: Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following: * Retrieves products needed from the appropriate storage area and places in "Expo Station" in order to prepare as required * Organizes "Expo Station" for food preparation and keeps "Expo Station" clean by wiping immediate area and re-organizing food products/ equipment as necessary * Prepares and sets up all entrees with appropriate garnishes and side dishes * Maintains sanitary work area as defined by State/ Local Health Department regulations by cleaning food service equipment and utensils as necessary throughout the preparation of food items * Wipes immediate work area as necessary after preparation of food items * Checks the times on food order tickets to ensure prompt service of food in a timely manner * Prepares food products according to standards as designated * Prepares food entrees according to food specifications as designated * Ensures all food items are accounted for on foodservice tickets by comparing items ordered to items prepared * Verbally communicates food orders to kitchen personnel in a loud and clear voice * Maintains food, equipment, and utensils in an orderly manner by arranging each item appropriately in sound working order as designated * Performs additional duties as requested or needed by other employees * Verbally communicate with cooks to coordinate them in selling all dishes for each ticket at the same time * Does not include expedition of alcoholic beverages unless the applicant is over the age of 18