Executive Assistant (Florida Office)

Client Accelerators

Job Description
REPORTS TO: CEO Please Read This Full Job Post Before You Apply: Do you thrive on solving problems and figuring out the possible... and impossible? Do you like to research tried and true solutions on the web and then adapt those solutions to make anything you do more optimal, efficient, and doable? You'll read web pages, books, watch videos... whatever it takes... to gain what you need to quickly solve a problem. Every day. That's just who you are and how you get stuff done. ROLE You serve as the liaison between the CEO of Client Accelerators, Buontempo Properties, and the rest of the company. This means you are responsible for executing processes and making decisions on behalf of the CEO. You will work on a one-to-one basis on a variety of tasks related to the CEO’s working and personal life. You'll work directly with our accomplished CEO who usually has his head in the clouds thinking abstractly about visionary projects and client strategies. Your sole job is to make sure that many of his day-to-day necessities are taken care of so his time is freed up for thinking, business development and executing. Given his time constraints and personality, some of his requests to you will be abstract and ambiguous. But you're an independent and critical thinker who isn't intimidated by that. You never fear asking a "stupid" clarifying question. But you also don't need step-by-step instructions and you frequently do quick research to generally educate yourself on the topic, so you can ask smarter, clarifying questions to zero in on the right approach and solution for the task at hand. To be the best executive assistant for him, you will need to be flexible, calm under pressure, a strategic thinker, and also able to work quickly when needed. The CEO's requests won't always be easy. He's always stretching and growing himself and that will mean the same for you. If you get stumped easily, this is definitely not the right job for you. He's ONLY interested in someone who thrives on being stretched, challenged, intellectually stimulated... and never broken. Managing projects on behalf of the CEO to ensure the team is held accountable and KPIs are met. Meeting Minutes on the Weekly Executive Meeting, Mike’s 1-1’s, as well as documenting project status from these meetings to hold attendees accountable. Each week, ensuring the CEO's agenda is set. You will do this by taking all items/projects where he is needed and prioritizing them, then blocking off times of the day for him to work on each. Your job is to ensure maximum productivity within his working hours. Debrief CEO at beginning of each day on emails/messages/requests/inquiries that you are unable to respond to without his insight. Acting as a Liaison with the Leadership team and CEO. This means that all items needed from the CEO by members of the Leadership team are documented and inserted into the CEO’s calendar. Dealing with all incoming communication inquiries on behalf of CEO and acting as a liaison as much as possible on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Assisting the CEO in the execution of new projects and objectives within the company. This can range from scheduling meetings to filling out any and all paperwork to managing vendors and follow ups to launching a new book or funnel Acting as point of contact for all direct reports of CEO or anyone needing communication with CEO Organizing travel and complicated itineraries and collaborating with the leadership team's different EAs. Conserves executive's time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information for the CEO as requested Ensuring the CEO’s home is stocked with all items necessary, this includes the correct foods & supplements, which keep him in peak shape and mood everyday. Reminding the Executive of important tasks and due dates as well as decision to be made To assist with any other tasks not directly in need of the CEO Code Credit Card Transactions monthly on the CEOs behalf Re-search and purchase gifts for both business and personal occasions. Help research new markets for Real Estate Acquisitions Help CEO deal with banks & refinancing properties Run Pro-Formas on Properties CEO locates as potential acquisitions Here's REALLY What This Job Feels Like - These sample requests will give you a strong feel for this role. Does this type of work really excite you? ADMIN “I need to clean up my Asana and make sure it’s only showing things I haven’t completed yet. I need it set up in order of dates due, and then importance of priority.” "I need to book a complex multi-stop international trip and I want you to research the lowest price, potentially bookending the trip in one of these 5 cities and let me know if there's any way to strategically use hotel or airline points + cash to lower the overall cost. Please avoid redeyes but in a worst-case scenario if it simplifies the trip, please include them. Also, please compare the cost of business class to economy for the longest legs of the trip." "We have these 100+ domains on Network Solutions and they're charging us an arm and a leg to renew them. Can you please figure out how to move them over to GoDaddy and get a bulk discount?" LEGAL, ACCOUNTING & HR RELATED "I'd like to adapt this contract template to include these points. Please polish the language and then reach out to our lawyer and coordinate the changes with him." “I’d like to have 3 assistants for our top Media Buyers sourced from the Philippines, please research the best places to get them, then work with the team to get these people hired.” REAL ESTATE “Go research this specific area and put together an investment thesis on the area. Please find out the job growth, rental comps, days on market, and if the market is suitable to invest in.” “Go find 3 brokers that work in these specific areas that can send us over multi-families that have upside and match our investment parameters.” “Please find 4 banks that are willing to compete on this Commercial Loan. We need a 3.5% Fixed 30 YR Rate in order to make this deal work” “Our current handyman is taking too long to service people, please locate 3 more that are in the same price range, and let’s start the interview process with them” RESULTS Vital business and any/all personal appointments are set and pre scheduled as requested, keeping in mind distance, drive times and time between events to accommodate the CEO’s life. Appropriate research is done on behalf of CEO to help direct focus involving new projects, ventures & anything else needing attention Help CEO reach his Real Estate Goals of $30,000 a month in Passive Income All interactions are screened and handled appropriately, reaching out to the CEO as needed for decision making. The CEO's calendar is pre-planned each week or created/reviewed on that Monday of, so that the CEO is maximally effective and all demands of the CEO to move the business forward are completed. Asana board is updated at minimum every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. All inquiries on Social Media/Email are answered by EOD each day. Meets with the CEO as requested to debrief on that day's Agenda. Requirements Hard Qualifications Minimum of 2-4 years experience supporting a C-level executive or business owner. Bachelor’s degree. Minimum 2 years relevant experience. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with individuals at all levels of the company. Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Proven ability to perform in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Ability to handle multiple high priority tasks at a time without losing focus on daily responsibilities. Laptop with high speed internet access (Windows preferred but not required). Soft Qualifications Strong business acumen. Self-directed, flexible and enthusiastic with a focus on Results. Exceptionally strong time management and organizational skill set, excellence in both written and verbal communication with superior follow-through skills. Proactive in nature with the ability to multitask while still providing a high attention to detail and deadlines. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to “think on your feet”. Benefits Full Benefits after 6 Months: Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)