Retail Assistant


Job Description
Blank Label is an upstart men's clothing retailer with stores in Boston, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Denver and online. Through our own custom clothing line, our mission is to help men feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they wear. The company's vision is to build a long-standing national clothing brand.The Role:Blank Label is looking for Retail Associate (Part-Time) to assist with greeting clients, tidying the store, and helping with operational and administrative tasks. This is not a retail sales role.Culture:Blank Label looks for high aptitude and motivation over experience, and someone who is excited by the prospect of getting into a growing company, especially one that values professional development. We value individuals who seek and thrive on challenges rather than run away from them. Candidates must have: * Customer focused mindset - you have a deep desire to do whatever it takes to solve issues and delight customers * Strong problem-solving skills and you are resourceful and will know our product so well that you really understand what the customer needs To apply:* Please include one-to-two paragraphs on why you are suitable to the role.* Your weekly availability.