Call-in Youth Specialist

Allegan County

Job Description

Job Summary

Supervises residents and ensures a safe and secure environment. Activities include processing resident intakes and discharges, supervising recreational activities, reaching proper hygiene and conduct, monitoring resident behavior, intervening in crisis situations and documenting incidents and resident interaction.

Wage Range: $18.01 per hour, no benefits, call-in as needed, up to 19.5 hours per week

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Maintain safety and security by monitoring residents' activities, observing conduct, behavior and attitudes, also conducting regular room, unit and strip searches. Takes necessary action to address any related issues and documents information according to policy and procedure.
  • Interacts with residents individually or in group settings to discuss personal issues, facility rules and regulations. Teaches proper personal hygiene.
  • Prepares a variety of reports and documents summarizing resident progress and share information with appropriate persons.
  • Provide transportation for residents as needed/directed.
  • Assesses and respond to crisis situations, intervening in an appropriate manner. Intervenes when necessary in crisis situations using crisis prevention technique or other approved methodologies and follows procedural guidelines for addressing resident disciplinary action and/or physical restraints.
  • Dispenses medication to residents in accordance with physician-approved prescriptions. Provide first aid as necessary. Assess injuries and illnesses; determine need for medical care in accordance with program guidelines.
  • Facilitates groups dealing with evidence based program curriculum. Teaching subjects which coincide with school guidelines. Attend regular training sessions and participate in on-line training courses.
  • Performs intake of residents to gather information report any suspicious findings to appropriate persons.

Education: Possession of High School Diploma or equivalent required. Bachelors Degree in social science or human services field preferred. A direct youth specialist must have completed 30 semester hours of college or equivalent quarter hours.

Experience: Two years of experience in a child care facility or closely related setting. Possession of a valid Michigan drivers license.

Deadline: Until Filled

Allegan County is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. A copy of our EEO Utilization Report is available on our website.

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